Moving, Relocation

What happens there after your estimate request to move?
By completing the form HDA-Dévis for an estimate request for a move, relocation, you will enter information needed by 3 professional movers in our network, and so, they will be able to quickly contact you.

After analysis, those professional movers will be able to contact you to make an appointment according to your criterias.

You have the ability to compare price offers for a removal and select the mover with whom you do business.

The estimate is the most important document as once it is signed, it will be your contract. The price difference can be significant depending on the provider. Do not accept estimates over the phone. The visit to your place of residence or your office is essential to assess your needs best.

Please fill out the form below as accurately as possible and we'll send you the offers so that you select.

Estimate Request for Relocation / Moving
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  21. Nature of the moving, Relocation(*)
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  22. Local, Surface : specify whether the office, apartment, house,...
    Objects : specify the approximate number of bulky items (sofa, furniture, piano, appliances)
    Packing : Specify whether we must hold packaging into cartons (with estimated numbers if possible)

Our services

  • International moving
  • Moving large volumes
  • Packing / unpacking
  • Hoists
  • Dismantling and reassembling of furniture
  • Transfer companies, offices ...
  • Transport of furniture, pianos ...
  • Rental Hoists
  • Safes, computer hardware
  • Archives
  • Qualified movers
  • Transport to furniture depository
  • Furniture storage
  • Sale of products (cardboard, bubble-pack packaging, covers, adhesives ...)
  • Crates, manufacturing of custom boxes
  • Packaging maritime, road and local

    Our requirement is to provide quality service in the shortest possible time!!!